Top 5 Celebrity Designed Sneakers

In the past decade, sneakers went from purely athletic footwear to being the go-to shoe style for millions of fashionable men and women all over the world. Celebrities couldn’t miss the new trend, and now we can enjoy dozens of successful collaborations between celebrities and famous sneaker brands. Check out top 5 most noteworthy ones and shop all kinds of shoes, from affordable to designer footwear, on Jiji:

The Rock x Under Armour

Athlete-designed sneakers are nothing new, but Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is much more than an athlete. Lately, he became one of the most popular action movie stars, but he didn’t leave his athletic life behind. He collaborated with Under Armour to release a full collection of state-of-the-art athletic gear, but the minimalistic black and orange sneakers are understandably the most discussed and coveted part of the collection.

Lil Wayne x Supra S1W

Lil Wayne has made no secret of his love for extreme sports, particularly BMX. That is why, when he decided to launch his own sneaker collection, he didn’t choose just any brand – he went for Supra, a brand that is closely associated with professional skateboarding. The result are several pairs of cool sneakers that Lil Wayne is often photographed in and his fans couldn’t be happier with.

Kobe Bryant x Nike

Arguably the most famous NBA player of the 20th century, Kobe Bryant is not just a skilled basketball player – he’s also a fashion-forward man. His collaboration with Nike was destined to produce something more than a pair of sneakers for playing basketball. The shoes he released perform equally well on and off the court. The trendy colour options and the personalized fit made Kobe Bryant’s sneakers a definite success.

Rihanna Fenty x Puma

One of the few women who released their own sneakers, Rihanna seems like a true pro when it comes to fashion. Everything she designs, from clothes to makeup, sells like hot cakes, and her sneakers that she created together with Puma are no exception. Fenty x Puma include a variety of sneaker models with different construction and colour schemes, so you can always find a special pair for any occasion.

Kanye West x Adidas

Originally, Kanye West released several sneaker collections with Nike, but, after some misunderstanding between the brand and the rapper, Kanye moved on to Adidas. There he created a number of incredibly successful collections: people are lining up in front of the stores in an anticipation of every new model of sneakers released to the public.

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