The Best Gifts For Your Baby’s First Birthday

The first birthday is considered to be a huge milestone for parents all over the world. Parents throw lavish celebrations, bake gorgeous cakes, decorate the place with balloons and paper ornaments, and invite friends and family to the birthday party. However, the central element for any celebration is the gift – or gifts, if your little one is lucky. Here are the best gifts for one-year-olds for you to consider.

Play Tent

As babies grow older, they start to appreciate personal space, which may be a little hard to achieve in a large family. A play tent can be easily folded and assembled back, it doesn’t take too much space, and it’s the perfect way to give your baby the privacy they crave. You can get a matching toy box for your baby to store their belongings in a neat way.

Building blocks

At the age of 1 babies are only starting to get the hang of building with blocks, and even if they prefer ruining the towers you build for them instead of doing their own construction, a beginner’s set of building blocks is a great gift for a one-year-old. Just make sure the blocks are suitable for the baby, as usual, Lego sets may be too complicated for the little ones, and there is a bigger risk of swallowing the pieces.

Shape sorter

When buying toys for a one-year-old boy or girl, it’s important to keep them not only fun but also educational. At this age, babies develop primarily through games, and an adorable shape sorter will help them learn their first lessons about pairing similar shapes or colours while also enjoying the game.

Push Toy

1 year is the age when most babies start walking, but if your baby lacks the confidence to make the first steps on their own, help them by giving them a push toy. By pushing a toy in front of them, the baby will get adjusted to walking and will soon give you the joy of making their first steps. Mind that regular walkers, where the baby is supported by the construction between the legs, are considered to be harmful to the development of the bones and muscles.

Toy phone

If you’re ever using your phone around your little one, you’ve probably noticed that they are very interested in your device and maybe even try to imitate talking or browsing on the phone. Let them get what they want by giving the baby a toy phone. It can be a basic phone with buttons that play melodies, or an advanced touchscreen phone – the baby will be happy either way!





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