How to iron baby clothes?

When the baby is born it`s a real miracle. And all moms want to make everything perfect, so they iron baby`s clothes thinking that it would kill all the germs. Is this true? And, in general, do you really need to do this? Nowadays, there are different opinions about that. Some people think that they should definitely do it, others that it’s not necessary at all. Today we will try to figure that out.

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Do you really need to iron baby’s clothes?

Previously, people used to iron children’s clothing from both sides in order to kill all the harmful microorganisms. Someone believes that modern detergents kill them completely, while others do not trust them. These claims are controversial, so every mom decides for herself.

The advantages of ironing baby’s clothes

Seams that unironed clothes appear to be quite rough, and may rub the baby’s skin. In general, clothing that has been ironed is a bit softer. Also, there is an aesthetic aspect. A baby in such clothing looks much neater.

When ironing it is necessary to straighten and iron all seams from a seamy side. This won’t let them rub the skin of your baby. You should not overdry clothes, and in the process of ironing it is best to use a spray bottle with warm water. It is absorbed into the fabric much faster. Then you have to cool the clothes after processing.

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Up to what age you should iron children’s clothes?

Doctors recommend to iron baby`s clothes on both sides to the time when the umbilical wound is healed. The fact of the matter is that even if laundry destroys all viruses and microbes (although this is not a fact), harmful microorganisms still may appear on clothes. In the presence of wound infection gets inside. Also it is better to use the steam iron – virtually all germs die when exposed to hot steam.

When it comes to baby’s health, it is better to forget about your laziness and iron baby`s clothes from both sides. After all, baby`s health is a priority.


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