5 best modern educational toys for the baby’s harmonious development

The development of babies can be significantly enhanced by developing toys. We have picked the main developing toys for you that elaborate your baby’s logical and imaginative thinking, fine motor skills and attention, while helping the baby to grow talented and inquisitive!

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Talking Dolls

At the age of 1.5, babies begin to perceive information by listening and from this age it is important to read more fairy tales and sing lullabies. Talking heroes of cartoons and animals will help you!

Modern speaking dolls can talk and laugh, know dozens of fairy tales, lullabies and songs, as well as the alphabet. Made of high-quality vinyl or soft fabrics, they are anatomically accurate, naturalistic and are able to copy their prototypes excellently.

More recent models are more expensive and have sensitive zones and sensors. They understand when they are turned over or rocked, react to tickling, dance, and can hear and maintain a conversation.

Scientific experiments

These include experiments with magnets, sets for making chocolate, historical excavations and magical experiments.

These cognitive scientific and entertaining experiments will help the child to learn about the world around him or her and a lot of other interesting things!


The fashion for environmentally friendly natural materials has finally reached children’s toys.

Today there is a wide variety of wooden toys – dominoes, lotto and liners, cubes, logic pyramids, locomotives and doll houses, building blocks on sale. They are non-toxic and durable.

Another invention of the modern era is the kinetic sand that helps develop motor skills and does not crumble into small grains. It is a product resembling modeling clay and wet sand at the same time. It contains 98% of natural sand and 2% of polymer. You can build a variety of shapes from it. It leaves no traces on your hands.

Creator’s Kit

These are stained-glass painting, decoupage, interior toys – as it turns out these hobbies are not only for moms. You can also add 3D mosaics, making trinkets from pompoms, toys from sock, thermo mosaic and modeling kits – in order to have a great developmental and fun pastime with your kid!

Sorter Pots

A popular toy among children today is the “magic” sorter pot from Fisher-Price. While playing, the child tries to insert details into the holes of the pot.

This game teaches the child the shape of objects as well as the correlation of the shape of the detail to the shape of the hole. In addition, the pot can sing songs and helps to learn how to count to five as well as the names of the main forms.

The best teachers for their children are the parents themselves. Only if you play with your kids yourself, the toys will accomplish their important mission!

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