What pet can you get for an allergic child?

Your child is allergic to animals so he or she is sadly watching as other children are playing with kittens and walking their puppies? There’s still a way to make your allergic kid happy!

Let’s see what animals and their breeds can become the best friends for your kid without harming their health!

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Cold-blooded animals

A turtle. Unlike a kitten or a puppy, a turtle living in a terrarium will not bite or scratch you if it is hungry.

Fish. They don’t really like talking, but they are beautiful. Watching the magical underwater world will calm the nervous system of both the child and the parent. There’s a great choice of fishes in pet stores – from unpretentious guppies to goldfish and colourful ocean inhabitants.

Lizards. These are pretty nice but quick creatures: they will run away and you will not be able to catch up with them!

Snails are ideal pets for an allergic person. They do not wander around the house, they do not smell, and they will eat anything.

Hairless breeds of dogs and cats

Sphinxes are elegant hairless cats. They are very friendly and love their owners.

Peruvian Inca Orchid is, in fact, a calm friendly dog under 50 cm in height.

Xoloitzcuintli or a Mexican hairless dog grows from 25 to 60 cm.

American hairless terrier is an active and strong dog that is able to protect its owner.

Other suitable dogs

Schnauzer is a curious, lively and cheerful dog. Its fur is long and curly, and it does not shed.

The poodle is a clever, faithful and playful, it will be an ideal partner for children.

Australian Terrier, Yorkshire Terrier and Golddust York are small dogs without any undercoat.

Bichon Frize is another beautiful miniature dog; it is easy to keep at home without having to walk it.

Kerry-blue terrier has thick fur that doesn’t fall out. It’s a wonderful guard and a rat-catcher.

Irish water spaniel reaches 70 centimetres in height but is also friendly.

Bedlington Terrier is a curly dog with a crest on the head. It sheds fur but the trick is that the dropped hairs remain in curls, and do not fall to the floor.

Exotic animals

Chinchilla is a charming, affectionate and sociable animal with a short thick coat, which practically does not fall out.

Bald guinea pigs used to be exotic not so long ago. Now these rodents, resembling hippos, can be found in many pet stores.


Even if you have never had an allergy, there is no guarantee that it will not happen to you in the future. Therefore, you’d better make sure that it won’t happen: stay in one room with the pet you are going to buy, play with it, buy dry food and smell its odour, do all the necessary allergen tests.

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