Positive qualities that different kinds of pets bring up in children

Children who have pets are often less aggressive, quick-tempered and suspicious. They are able to compromise and be flexible while being more active and less anxious as well as more sensitive to the sensations and moods of others. Animals also bring up tolerance and self-control in children, accelerate their emotional development and help overcome critical conditions and stresses.


If you want to raise a sociable child, then the best choice of a pet is a cat. These animals will make your child more balanced and calm. Children who have a cat at home are very spontaneous and soft, but at the same time they are independent in combination with creative abilities.


Rodents can teach the child to be more attentive, because the animal is small and does not require any special care. You will need to help your kids control their actions so as not to harm the animal.


Birds will bring up patience in your child, especially when they try to teach the bird some new words and actions.


Children who have dogs are generally tidier and more disciplined. They also have great leadership and social skills.

These traits of the character are conditioned by the behavior of the animals themselves: dogs need a leader to obey. Dogs’ ability to be trained also develops the child’s responsibility and leadership qualities while the duty to take the friend out for a walk several times a day disciplines the child.

A child with an injured unstable psyche will benefit a lot from communicating with a dog. This type of therapy is recommended for children with hyperactivity and attention deficit.


Fishes can teach mindfulness and observation, they give us a chance to distract from everyday problems and relax, which is important for hyperactive children. It is believed that watching the inhabitants of the fish tank positively affects the eyesight.

Enchanted by the smooth movements of the fish and the delicate swaying of the underwater plants, the child seems to be plunged into a fairy tale. And it will help them to fall asleep and see quiet dreams.


The main task of using animal therapy is to maximize the full disclosure of the child’s additional abilities: in their behavior, personality, mental and social development.

Pet therapy allows you to maximally adapt the child to the conditions of life where they have to learn to interact with the outside world in a balanced way!

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