8 Rules for Choosing Care Products for the baby under one year old

Disputes around cosmetic products for babies under one year old have already become commonplace. Subsequently, a young mother who does not have enough experience can finally get lost in the recommendations. How to avoid buying half of the pharmacy without missing anything important? Simply read and remember these simple tips!

Cotton swabs

  • Cotton swabs will come in handy for ear hygiene and umbilical cord care.
  • To clean the nose, try using rolled cotton wool – it’s safer for the baby.
  • There are special cotton swabs with a stopper for babies under one year of age, preventing deep penetration and trauma.
  • Quality swabs will have cotton wool securely fixed on the stick, and the container itself will close tightly.

Wet wipes

  • Wet pipes should not cause allergies.
  • The concentration of liquid should be within the limits of the norm.
  • Choose wipes with herbal extracts (chamomile, lavender, aloe).
  • Should not contain alcohol, chlorine, perfumes and preservatives.
  • Plastic container is an ideal packaging for wet wipes.


  • Choose a special shampoo for babies under one year designed to fight with dirt, excess greasiness and crusts.
  • The special baby shampoo provides extra head massage.
  • The chosen shampoo should not contain diethanolamine, 1,4-dioxane, carcinogenic formaldehyde and sodium lauryl sulfate.
  • Choose only “no tears” shampoos.

Baby powder

A classic powder is quite obsolete – now liquid talc is normally used. It does not form lumps and creates a protective layer on the skin.


  • The best option for babies is liquid soap.
  • Good soaps include emollients such as glycerol/lanolin.
  • Pay attention to the compliance of soap with acceptable norms and make sure that there are no fragrances in the contents – choose products based on plant extracts in a vial dispenser.

Baby oil

  • The oil should not contain dyes, preservatives or other harmful substances.
  • When selecting the oil, pay attention to plant extracts and the absence of fragrance.
  • The bottle should be sealed and have a dispenser.

Moisturizing cream

  • The cream should be based on plant extracts and contain glycerin.
  • Mineral oils in the composition should be avoided, give preference to almond, olive or jojoba.
  • Pay attention to the expiry date: if it is not long, it means that the product is natural and certified.

Cream for diaper rash

When choosing, pay attention to the herbal extracts and the absence of harmful substances.

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Be extremely attentive to the choice of baby care products, and you will be able to keep your baby healthy – and it’s the most important thing for any mom!

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