5 Must-Have Baby Feeding Products

Everyone knows that in order to grow healthy a baby needs to be fed well starting from the first days. As your baby is introduced to different kinds of food, you’re going to need some feeding essentials that will make the process easier and more fun for both of you. Check out these top 5 baby feeding products and shop for all kinds of goods for babies and kids at the lowest prices in Nigeria.


Kids are messy eaters – that’s not a secret, which means you’re guaranteed to do a lot of washing if you don’t use bibs. Bibs are especially vital when you start introducing your baby to solid foods like vegetables and cereals. You can buy a pack of disposable paper bibs, make your own bibs from thick fabric, or get a silicone bib with a pocket where the food can safely fall without creating a huge mess around you.

Baby food maker

Until babies develop a chewing ability and at least a couple of teeth, they need to be given only pureed foods. You can always buy ready-made veggie and fruit purees, but it’s going to cost you quite a lot. A money-saving solution is to get a baby food maker or a simple stationary blender and use it to make food for your baby – that way you’ll not only save a bit of cash, but will also know for sure what goes into your little one’s food.

High chair

When your baby is still small and is either breastfed or fed from a bottle, you can hold them whichever way you like and not get tired at all. As the baby grows and starts eating solids, old feeding positions may no longer work. That is why you’ll feel much more comfortable with a high chair that can be adjusted to fit babies from 6 months up until they turn 3 years old and can finally safely sit behind the family dinner table.


Giving your baby whole slices of fruits and vegetables is a great way to introduce them to adult food quicker, but there is always a risk of choking or taking off too large of a bite. A nibbler, or fresh fruit feeder, will allow you to give your baby pieces of produce without worrying about the possible consequences like choking. Plus, it’s much less messy compared to eating without a feeder.

Temperature-sensitive spoons

If you’re a first-time parent, you will probably have doubts about the temperature of the food you serve to your baby. There are ways to test the food temperature with your wrist or elbow, but it mostly works for milk or formula and is hard to do with cereals and veggies. Get a pack of temperature-sensitive infant spoons, and if the spoon turns white, it means that the food needs to cool off – yes, it’s that simple!

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