Tips For Finding A Good Nanny

Choosing a nanny for your baby is one of the most important decisions you’ll need to make as a parent. To avoid possible negative consequences of making a wrong choice, check out these tips to find a nanny that is perfect for your family.
Looking for a nanny in Nigeria?

Make long term choices

If you’re looking for a nanny for a baby that is 1, 3, 6 or 9 months old, you need to take into account the baby’s growth process. An older nanny may be great for infants, but she’ll likely have trouble handling a hyperactive toddler. A good nanny is someone who is equally good at taking care of a baby from the age of a newborn until the child finally grows up.

Look for certain qualities

If you’re charmed by a nanny and are ready to hire her on the spot, remember that in this case making a rushed decision will hardly do any good. A nanny should have a set of qualities that allow her to work with children and communicate with the parents, including:

  • Creativity. The early years of a baby’s life are all about the development, and a baby’s caretaker should know which activities are best suited for every age and how to make sure the baby is developing all necessary skills.
  • Compassion. Babies aren’t always easy to work with: they have trouble sleeping, refuse to eat, and throw tantrums. A nanny should be compassionate enough to gently help the baby handle any situation without overreacting and expressing negative emotions.
  • Flexibility. When signing up for the job, a nanny should realize that the priorities of the baby she’s watching should be on top of her list. If the parents are late or have an emergency situation, they should know that they can count on the nanny.
  • Love for children. It goes without saying – a good nanny is someone who simply loves children. It doesn’t matter if it’s a middle-aged mother of three or a 20-year old graduate without any kids of her own – love for children should be the number one requirement for a nanny’s job.

Search in the right places

The best way to find a good nanny is to use word of mouth. If any of your friends are planning to part ways with their nanny and can give excellent recommendations, your best option is hiring that nanny for your family. You can also make a post on Facebook or other social media that says your family is in need of a nanny – sooner or later someone from your contact list will reply with a suggestion for a great nanny.

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