Perfect foods for your beauty and health

Tight hips, slim waist, tight breasts, elastic skin … In order to quickly become a happy owner of all these delights, you will have to take a “beauty diet”. And in order to correct a certain part of your body, you will need certain products. And, of course, don’t forget to buy all kinds of quality food! So, if your goal is to have…

…Slim waist

You need apples

According to the latest research, apples are a real storehouse of usefulness. In addition to antioxidants that slow the aging process, they contain a valuable substance – polyphenol. Thanks to it, you can acquire an elastic muscle mass without the excessive fat “deposits”. Just like antioxidants, polyphenol protects cells from oxidation – the so-called biological stress, which causes premature aging and promotes the accumulation of subcutaneous fat.

In addition to that, apples help your organism to get rid of excess fluid and practically do not contain calories. However, to achieve the desired effect, it is necessary to not just eat one or two apples a day, but to regularly arrange “apple days”. At least two or three times a month. The dosage would be one and a half to two kilograms per day. Choose yellow or green fruits. Their “red relatives” consumed in large quantities can cause allergies.

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…Seductive buttocks

You need pineapples


In order to make your buttocks supersexy regardless of your age, you need to eat a few blocks of pineapple three times a day. Enzymes and amino acids contained in this fruit, charge cells with energy and actively participate in the production of procollagen – the building material of elastic connective tissue.

Well, and do not forget about bromelain – the fantastic fat-splitting enzyme. It is capable of burning a huge amount of lipids. But please note that bromelain is found only in fresh fruits! The third, not less important element is fiber. With its help, digestion is normalized and toxins are excreted from the body, which helps to lose weight.

…Beautiful legs

You need peppers

Of course, in order to correct the nature-given shape of legs it is not enough just to eat something. But in order to provide smoothness to the skin and give a smooth shade you can eat pepper. The bioflavonoids and Vitamin C contained in it eliminate the cause of varicose veins – increased pressure in the vessels of the legs and easy permeability of the walls of the capillaries.

In addition, these substances prevent the formation of prostaglandin thromboxane, which causes excessive blood clotting. And provitamins carotene, thiamin, riboflavin and folic acid work on creating elastic and smooth skin, providing cells with all the necessary substances.

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