How to store clothing in the children’s room

Children grow fast, and their needs change with each passing day and month of life. Rapid growth requires frequent change of wardrobe, so parents need to think about where and how to store children’s clothing, especially if we are dealing with a small room. In this post, we will show you some really great options. Also, don’t forget that on Jiji you can find all kinds of quality goods for your kids!

Chests of drawers

The reality of modern urban housing is that there are often not enough space for full-fledged individual pieces of furniture, such as a stationary bed or a wardrobe, dressing table or a working desk. In children’s rooms, especially small ones, it is better to install “smart” furniture that does not take up much space and has ergonomic qualities.

So, chests are the best alternative to larger furniture for storing clothes in the child’s room. Especially this kind of furniture is convenient for kids under 5 years, as there is free access to each thing and there is no need to reach the top shelves.

Preschool age kids, as a rule, wear soft knitted clothes, which can be stored in a folded form. Therefore, at this stage you can refuse models of furniture with bars.

Integrated furniture

A more advanced option of the closet today can contain all that a child of preschool or school-age might need. It will take a small area to accommodate a wardrobe with the necessary sections for clothes, as well as the shelves for books, the drawers for toys and even worktops. Such furniture is called integrated and occupies a leading position in the design of modern children’s rooms.

Classic wardrobes

A traditional wardrobe, the case of which is made of natural wood, is rarely used today in the interior of children’s rooms. First of all, because it takes up a lot of space, in addition, modern parents prefer more progressive and functional furniture.

Another disadvantage of classic wardrobe is that one piece is not enough to accommodate the clothes of two or even three children living in the same room, and two or three wardrobes will “steal” the third part of free space.

A beautiful wooden wardrobe is an integral part of the interior in a classical style, and if you are going to decorate a universal interior with a claim “for several years ahead”, then such a thing in the children’s room may occupy an honorable place.

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