7 Tips For Decorating A Nursery

If you’re going to become a parent soon or have already welcomed your little one into the world recently, you have an important task of decorating a nursery for your baby. A nursery needs to be safe, adorable, and just perfect for your little one. Check out 7 tips for nursery decoration and shop thousands of affordable products for your home and garden.

1. Choose a concept

While having a theme for a child’s bedroom isn’t an absolute necessity, it helps you create a better vision of the room and stick to the plan, avoiding impulse decisions and expensive buys that don’t fit into the style of the room.

2. Get a rug

As an adult, you probably don’t spend too much time on the floor, but starting from birth and until they become grown-ups, children have many floor activities. A full-size carpet may be too difficult to take care of, but a rug that is half the size of the nursery is much easier to clean and is great for the baby.

3. Invest in storage space

When you’re carrying the baby in the middle of the night, the last thing you want is to trip over a misplaced toy car or package of diapers. No matter how small your nursery may be, it’s absolutely crucial that everything has its own space and doesn’t stand in anyone’s way.

4. Decorate the ceiling

Until your baby is around half a year old, they will spend most of their time lying on their back. Make sure they don’t just stare at a blank white-painted ceiling. You can paint the ceiling with a soft pastel-colored pattern, decorate it with decals, or even commission an artist to do a mural!

5. Consider the lighting

A cute night light is a must-have for new parents, but what’s even more important is the ability to block the sun during the day. Most babies require the room to be very dark to fall asleep during the day, and heavy curtains or blackout shades are your best option for ensuring comfortable nap conditions for your little one.

6. Everything should be washable

With babies of any age, accidents are simply bound to happen. The diaper might leak, your baby can take your lipstick and paint all over the walls, or spill the juice all over the carpet. To minimize your cleaning effort, make sure to get washable wallpaper and easily washable rug.

7. Limit the textiles

As a parent-to-be, you probably have the urge to buy all of the cute bedding sets, blankets, and bumpers for the baby. However, you can save a lot of space and money on those purchases: bumpers are actually considered to be dangerous for the baby, and babies don’t need pillows and blankets until they are 1-2 years old.

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